Eyeliner – also refer as Eye & Eyelash Enhancement


Semi-Permanent Makeup Eyeliner is also refer as Eye & Eyelash Enhancement

Are you are fed up drawing your eyeliners everyday, or you are not be able to draw it as precisely as you would like to, or you just want to look your best from the moment you open your eyes? Whatever your reasons, you will find a solution in semi-permanent eyeliner.

Semi-permanent eyeliner is semi-permanent makeup, using cutting edge tools and techniques, organic pigment is applied to the upper layer of skin to enhance your eyes, add volume to the lash-line. It makes eyelashes look thicker and fuller and  makes eyes appear bigger and brighter.

The latest technique  originated in South Korea and is called Eye & Eyelash Enhancement. It is a very subtle line on the same line where the natural eyelashes are, which gives the illusion of fuller and thicker eyelashes so as to frame your eyes.

The results last 12-18 months. However, in some cases it lasts 3 years. It all depends on your skin type and lifestyle. The reason that it is semi-permanent is because of the use of organic pigment and our body absorbs it over a period of time. The reason for using organic pigment instead of tattoo ink is that tattoo ink changes to blue.

Getting ready for the treatment

If you have lash extensions remove them before you come for your semi-permanent eyeliner appointment.

Do not wear contact lenses during the procedure.

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Eyeliner also refer as Eye & Eyelash Enhancement


£320 1st session

Touch-up session £80

Treatment duration

First session: approximately 2 hours

Touch up session: approximately 2 hours


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Sally has been amazing throughout my Microblading process. I was slightly nervous to begin with but Sally’s professionalism and patience put me at ease straight away. Her attention to detail is second to none and she always has time to get everything just so before completing her work.
I cannot fault her work and her professional attitude at all and I would recommend Sally to anyone considering her services…
She has the most up to date techniques making her by far the best for Microblading in Brighton!

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