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Receding Hairlines Treatment – Female

Using 3D microblading technique for female receding hairlines, to create a natural, fuller and younger looking hairlines. The result is permanent. Our natural pigments are charcoal based, we guarantee that it would never change colour over its lifetime. We do not use tattoo inks and semi-permanent makeup pigments for Receding Hairline treatments. We only giving the best to our clients.

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Hair Loss Restoration Microblading - iBrow Microblading Studio, Hove


Hairline Microblading Treatment

Treatment time 2hr 30 min

Price: £320.00

Special Offer £120 for the first treatment 

£70 touch-up


Numbing Cream • High-Quality Organic Pigments • After Care Cream

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Eyebrow Microblading - Hove, UK
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